Windows Computer Repair Middletown, NJ

Windows Computer Repair Middletown, NJ

MDrepairs specializes in Windows computer repair. Our technician have decades of combined experience in the computer repair field, and can handle any type of issue with your computer. All computer repairs are usually done within a 72 hour time frame. The way it works is you drop off your computer to one of our facilities for a diagnostic. After the diagnostic is complete we email you an estimate for you to approve. If you approve the estimate we proceed with the repair.

Computer Repair Services:

Our services are listed below. Our main service is: Windows Computer Repair Middletown, NJ. If your computer does not power on then it may need a new DC jack. If your LCD screen has lines going through it then you most likely just need a new LCD panel installed. If your keyboard only works intermittently or not at all then you probably need a new keyboard replacement. If you have spilt liquid on your laptop we provide a liquid damage clean out service so the liquid does not further damage your device. If your device is extremely slow and applications barely open, then this is a tell tail sign that you may need a new hard drive. In this case we always like to upgrade our customer to a more stable and quicker solid state drive. Does your computer get a boot up error? We may need to reinstall windows, and we can also retrieve your old data. The repairs listed below are not limited, we do it all. Contact us today to have your computer diagnosed and repaired professionally.

  • Windows Computer Repair Middletown, NJ

  • Windows Computer Repair

  • Apple Computer Repair

  • Laptop Repair

  • Laptop Screen Repair

  • MacBook Repair

  • MacBook Screen Repair

  • iMac Repair

  • Hard Drive Data Transfers

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Computer Motherboard Repair

  • Computer Liquid damage repair

  • Computer Hard Drive Repair

  • Computer Virus Removal

  • Windows OS Repair

  • macOS Repair

  • Laptop Battery Repair

  • Computer Ram Upgrades

  • Computer Power Jack Repairs

Computer Repair Warranty

MDrepairs takes pride in the computer repair service we provide. Every computer repair that is completed goes through a rigorous check through process. Although we take every precaution to check parts for defects after installation, some defects do not show for days after use. This is the main reason we offer a 90 day warranty policy on all Windows Computer Repair Middletown, NJ. You can keep your peace of mind when you bring your computer to MDrepairs for service.

Highest Quality Computer Parts

MDrepairs uses the highest quality parts available on the market. We go the extra mile compared to our competitors to source these parts because we believe if you are spending money on your desktop or laptop computer to be repaired, it should last. Over the years we have found the best computer parts suppliers in the industry who we trust. All of our parts meet OEM specifications.

1 – 3 Day Computer Repairs

Most laptop and desktop computer repairs are completed within a 72 hour turn around time. If we do not have the part in stock for your computer than it may take longer than 3 days because we have to source the parts. It really depends which suppliers we can get the parts from. Once the part comes into our store the repair itself only takes about an hour to complete, and is fixed the same day the part comes in.

Core Values

MDrepairs was founded on June 2014. We opened MDrepairs to provide the most reliable source for computer repairs in Middletown, NJ. We built the company with a foundation of treating customers with respect, and providing the best customer service possible. We strive to provide the best customer experience, while offering the best quality repairs in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our computer repair services, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.