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Why Choose MDrepairs?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Here at MDrepairs we want our customers to feel secure. So along with our top quality parts and our superior customer service, we offer a lifetime warranty on most of our repairs. Our lifetime warranty does not cover physical damage, it only covers our parts and our workmanship just incase of defects. It is impossible to get around defects in this industry, and this is why we are prepared with our lifetime warranty. We run a less than 1% defect rate.  All of our repairs go through a rigorous check through process, but some defects may not show until after a few days of use. For more information on which repairs are covered under our lifetime warranty policy click here.

Highest Quality Parts

MDrepairs goes the extra mile to provide its customers with the highest quality parts on the market. When you get your device fixed, I am sure you want it to last. Over the years we have built very good relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Our parts meet OEM specifications.

Quick Turn Around Time

We stock all iPhone and iPad parts in our store, so we can offer a same day turn around time. For example, on iPhones, screen repairs only take about 30 minutes, and battery replacements only take about 15 minutes after you drop it off. For devices that we do not stock the parts for we would need to order. The parts take about 2-3 days to come in, and the repair is done the same day the part comes in. All we need is a deposit of half the repair cost. Computer repairs are usually done within a 72 hour turn around time.

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Cell Phone Repair

In this day and age, a single day without your cell phone feels like a death sentence. Since its invention in 1973, the cell phone has revolutionized the way we live, making it virtually impossible to be without it. Your phone is your world, so when it breaks, MDrepairs will be here to help. Whether the issue is a dead battery, a cracked screen, or your cell phone can’t seem to charge, the specially trained technicians at MDrepairs can have your phone back and better than ever only an hour after you bring it in!

Cell Phone Repair Services

  • Cell Phone Screen Repair

  • Cell Phone Battery Replacement

  • Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

  • Cell Phone Camera Repair

  • Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

  • Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell Phone Screen Repair

When large glass displays became the new standard for cell phones, consumers were blown away by the convenience of a full touch screen, yet faced with the new major issue of a cracked screen. While it may only take seconds to completely shatter a phone screen, the repair often takes hours, or even days. Luckily, MDrepairs is here to help! We keep a large variety of cell phone screen in stock, and each screen repair is performed in store by our professional technicians. MDrepairs is always happy to give you a fast and easy price quote, so contact us today!

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

We plug and unplug our phones countless times a day which often leaves the cell phone charging port stripped, and unusable. Luckily, MDrepairs specializes in charging port repairs, and with a wide variety of ports in stock, the repairs only take thirty minutes!

Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Because cell phones are constantly charged and recharged, the cells inside the battery of the phone become completely worn out after about two years. Unfortunately, the battery cannot be repaired, but it can be replaced in a matter of fifteen minutes. So if your phone is at least two years old, and you think the battery is fried, bring it in to MDrepairs for a quick and easy battery replacement.

Cell Phone Camera Repair

The new generation of cell phones has not only revolutionized daily communication, but has also become one of the best mediums for photography today. The cameras on smartphones now generate amazing picture quality, and are used to capture life’s everyday moments. If your cell phone camera breaks, bring it to MDrepairs and we’ll have it ready to go just thirty minutes after it’s been dropped off.

Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

The ear speaker of your cell phone is one of the most important parts of the phone, as it controls the sounds you hear while actually talking on the phone. Without it, voices sound muffled, or may not come through at all. If the ear speaker on your phone has become damaged or broken altogether, visit MDrepairs today, and we’ll have it fixed in thirty minutes or less.

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Most people’s phones hold all of their information, from pictures of precious moments to credit card information. Because our phones now serve as vaults of personal information, we carry them everywhere, which often leads to the phones becoming damaged. If your phone gets damaged and you don’t have the information on it backed up to a second device, bring it to MDrepairs. We simply extract your data from your broken phone, and store it on a USB drive for your convenience. Simply bring your device to our MDrepairs facility, and ask one of our technicians to walk you through our data recovery service.

Common Cell Phone Repairs:

  • iPhone Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Repair

  • LG Repair

  • Google Pixel Repair

iPhone Repair

Steve Jobs revolutionized the cell phone industry with the invention of the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone was the very first smartphone to ever contain an all-glass touch screen, and lack a physical keyboard. The touch screen’s multi-touch controls were just one of the factors that made the iPhone so groundbreaking. The iPhone contains an accelerometer, which senses whether or not the iPhone is in landscape mode. It also has a proximity sensor, which turns the screen off when the phone is to your face during calls and holds a light sensor which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness. There was no other cell phone even close to holding the same technology as the iPhone, which is why it sparked a revolution.

Common iPhone Repairs

  • iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

  • iPhone Camera Repairs

  • iPhone Button Repairs

iPhone Screen Repair

Although the iPhone is a fantastic device, it is not without problems. Luckily, we offer repair services specifically for iPhone screens. Because iPhone screens are completely made of glass, it is prone to cracks, and often shatters. iPhones are extremely fragile, so a simple drop on a carpeted floor can lead to a break. While the iPhone may work perfectly after its screen has cracked, the broken glass can lead to cuts on your ear from making phone calls, and finger cuts from any screen use. iPhone screens can also be broken if you see lines all the way down your screen. These lines indicate that the LCD (the part that controls the colors) is damaged. When the LCD breaks, the phone’s touch screen slowly becomes unusable. MDrepairs offers fast and easy iPhone screen replacement service, where we replace both the glass screen and the LCD.

On average, iPhone screen repairs take twenty minutes after they’ve been dropped off. At MDrepairs, we have every iPhone screen in stock, and our highly trained technicians complete all repairs in store. We offer two different quality types for iPhone screen repairs, which are OEM quality iPhone screens, and high-quality aftermarket screens. The biggest difference between the screens is that the colors shown on the aftermarket screens are not as vibrant, and the screen itself is slightly less durable. The OEM quality screens meet all of the same standards as the original Apple screen, so it has the same specifications.

iPhone Screen Repairs

  • iPhone 5 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 plus screen repair

  • iPhone 6s screen repair

  • iPhone 6s plus screen repair

  • iPhone 7 screen repair

  • iPhone 7 plus screen Repair

  • iPhone 8 screen repair

  • iPhone 8 plus screen repair

  • iPhone X screen repair

  • iPhone XS screen repair

  • iPhone XS Max screen repair

  • iPhone XR screen repair

iPhone Charging Port Repair

The iPhone’s charging port is yet another easily broken component of the iPhone. The charging port is a small flexible cable, which runs from the bottom of the iPhone (where the lighting cable plugs in) to the motherboard. The charging port gets damaged from consistently plugging in and unplugging in the phone. If your charging port does break, bring it into MDrepairs and we’ll repair the port in only thirty minutes. We simply replace the broken flex cable with a brand new one and connect it to the motherboard so your iPhone is back in action.

iPhone Charging Port Repairs

  • iPhone 5 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 plus charging port repair

  • iPhone X charging port repair

  • iPhone XS charging port repair

  • iPhone XS Max charging port repair

  • iPhone XR charging port repair

iPhone Battery Replacement

MDrepairs also services a lot of iPhones in the form of battery replacements. All batteries, including iPhone batteries, have a lifespan. iPhone batteries usually need to be replaced after two years. The cells within batteries simply become overused, causing them to fail. The best way to test iPhone battery health is to just check it in the iPhone's settings. We highly recommend that you replace your iPhone battery if it is below 70%. iPhone battery replacements take just fifteen minutes after being dropped off. MDrepairs has all iPhone batteries in stock, and are done by our professionally trained technicians in store.

iPhone Battery Repairs

  • iPhone 5 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 plus battery replacement

  • iPhone X battery replacement

  • iPhone XS battery replacement

  • iPhone XS Max battery replacement

  • iPhone XR battery replacement

iPhone Camera / Proximity Sensor Repair

iPhones house both a front facing camera and a rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera, ambient sensor, and proximity sensor are all apart of one piece, that is located within the phone screen and connected to the motherboard. The ambient light sensor controls the iPhone’s auto brightness, and the proximity sensor senses how far away the phone is from your face during calls. If the front-facing camera becomes damaged, the camera, ambient sensor, and proximity sensor will all fail. Although this may sound like a serious issue, it can be fixed by simply replacing the front camera flex cable. The iPhone’s front-facing camera can be repaired in only twenty minutes. MDrepairs keeps all models of the iPhone’s front-facing camera in stock.

The iPhone’s rear-facing camera takes beautiful pictures, but it is easily broken. The tiny rear-facing camera is easily damaged because there are moving parts within it, and when it falls the small parts in the camera become dislodged, making it dysfunctional. MDrepairs has all of iPhone’s rear-facing cameras in stock, and the repair itself is done in store in only twenty minutes.

iPhone Camera Repairs

  • iPhone 5 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 plus camera repair

  • iPhone X camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XR camera repair

iPhone Ear Speaker / Loudspeaker Repair

The iPhone holds two different types of speakers. The most important speaker is the speaker at the top of your phone, which is the ear speaker. The ear speaker is connected to the front facing camera through small metal pieces. If the flex cable in the front facing camera breaks, the ear speaker stops working. If your ear speaker has a muffled sound, you most likely need a new ear speaker. iPhone ear speakers can be repaired in about twenty minutes and is performed by one of our highly trained technicians. The other type of iPhone speaker is the loudspeakers. Like the ear speaker, the loudspeakers are also prone to damage because of the small components inside of the speaker. If your loudspeaker has distorted sound, we’ll replace it in thirty minutes or less.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Like all other electronics, iPhones are vulnerable to water damage. If water gets into the iPhone, the chips and capacitors will short out, causing the phone to fail. Water damage in iPhones often happens when the phone is dropped in water, and then allowed to dry out on its own. Even if the wet phone is put in rice, allowing the water to dry will cause corrosion on the motherboard. This is because the minerals in the water cause the motherboard to lose connections. If you drop your phone in water, the best thing to do is immediately turn it off, and bring it to a certified technician. If the iPhone’s motherboard is not manually cleaned, it will most likely fail from corrosion. MDrepairs offers cleanouts for iPhones with water damage at an affordable rate. Contact MDrepairs to revive your water damaged iPhone today!

iPhone Buttons Repair

On iPhone models 8 and below, there is a power button, the volume buttons, and the home button. These buttons allow the iPhone user to use their seamlessly, so it is extremely inconvenient when one of the buttons breaks. The power button can easily be damaged when it is hit against a hard surface. This crushes the small contact, which is the part that makes the button click) and cause it to get stick within the iPhone’s frame. This can also happen to the volume buttons. The Home button is connected to the iPhone’s screen, so if the phone’s screen is broken, the home button may also be faulty. If any of the buttons on your iPhone are broken, bring it to MDrepairs for a complimentary diagnostic. We will have your iPhone up and running in the blink of an eye.

iPhone Data Recovery

iPhones have become the number one consumer device for communication, photography, and overall data storage. If your iPhone breaks and you haven’t backed up any of your data/information to the iCloud, it can be devastating. Luckily, MDrepairs provides an iPhone data recovery service, which has an extremely high success rate. Our technicians have the ability to recover your text messages, notes, photos, and videos and safely transfer them onto a flash drive. If you need your data recovered, contact MDrepairs today for a free quote!

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Samsung is one of the most popular cell phone brands and has been for years. Today, Samsung’s most popular line of phones in the Galaxy S line. If your Samsung has a cracked screen or needs other repair, bring it to MDrepairs for a fast and professional repair. Typically Samsung phone parts need to be ordered but often arrive by the next day. Once we get the parts in, the repairs are completed by our highly trained technicians within ninety minutes.

Common Samsung Galaxy Repairs

  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy Charging Port Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera Lens Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Button Repairs

Why Should I Get A Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

We always recommend our customers purchase a tempered glass screen protector because if your phone falls face down, the screen protector will absorb most of the impact. A tempered glass screen protector is a thin, but thick piece of glass that sticks to your cell phone’s glass screen. The tempered glass is essentially the first line of defense when your phone drops.

Do You Sell Quality Charging Wires For Cell Phones?

Not all charging wires are the same, in fact, lower quality chargers have the ability to permanently damage your phone. High-quality chargers hold a chip inside of the wires that regulates a steady electric current into your cell phone, and lower quality chargers have no chip at all, allowing your phone to become damaged. At MDrepairs, we only sell high-quality charging wires to ensure the safety of your phone.

Computer Repair

Computer repairs are our specialty, here at MDrepairs. Computers are the main consumer tool for completing intensive tasks. At MDrepairs, we understand the importance of having your computer with you, which is why we are dedicated to getting your computer back to you and ready to go, within seventy-two hours. Every computer repair comes with a ninety day warranty, that covers the parts we use and our workmanship.

Common Computer Repair services

  • Computer Repair

  • Hard Drive Replacements

  • SSD Upgrades

  • Data Transfer

  • Data Recovery

  • Screen Repairs

  • DC Jack Repair

  • Battery Replacements

  • OS Repair and Reinstallation

Hard Drive Failures Explained

While widely used, hard drives are not necessarily reliable for data storage, as they are prone to breaking. Hard drives are mass produced, and often break from either just being dropped, or from consistent use. Because hard drives are not truly reliable, MDrepairs recommends upgrading to a solid state drive. A solid-state drive works with flash memory as a hard drive but has no moving parts. Solid state drives also boot in a matter of seconds, allowing you to access your data quickly.

What Does Cloning My Hard Drive Mean?

If your computer hard drive is running out of space, it may be time to have your hard drive cloned. Cloning a hard drive simply means that all of your current data, such as computer programs and documents, are moved onto a larger and faster drive. We offer a drive cloning service that will move your data onto a better drive in just a few hours.

Oh No! My Computer Won't Start, And I Need My Data!

Whether you’re a student or the CEO of a large company, we understand the importance of your data, and that its information should be secure. MDrepairs can safely and effectively extract all of your data from a failing hard drive, and transfer it to your desired location. After recovering and/or transferring data, we only store it for two to three days in case of any issues that could arise from your device. After this two to three day window, all data is safely purged. During all recovery services, we also offer our customers several tips and tricks on how to safely back up and store their data so as to avoid any disasters.

Windows Computer Repair

Most people remember the Windows events Meltdown and Sprectre that proved Windows processors have major security vulnerabilities. Windows computers are now somewhat known for operating system errors. If you have a failure prone Windows computer, bring it to MDrepairs and our highly trained technicians will get it working better than ever before.

Common Windows Computer Repairs

  • HP Laptop Repair

  • Dell Laptop Repair

  • Samsung Laptop Repair

  • Toshiba Laptop Repair

  • Lenovo Laptop Repair

  • Asus Laptop Repair

  • Acer Laptop Repair

  • Microsoft Surface Repair

HP Laptop Repair

Dave Packard founded Hewlett Packard (HP) in 1939. Hewlett Packard’s headquarters today are in Palo Alto, the same city in which the company was started. HP makes fantastic PCs, with extremely durable hardware, however, there are still weak points. The issue with HP laptops is that the hinges connected to the screen and the body of the computer often breaks. This means that the screen can no longer open or close and that the wifi antenna cable and LCD cable may rip. If your HP computer is broken, our highly trained technicians at MDrepairs will have it up and running in seventy-two hours or less.

Dell Laptop Repair

Michael Dell founded the Dell company in 1984, and grew it into one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Even today, Dell creates amazing computers. The only major flaw with Dell computers is that a piece of equipment known as the DC jack contains a mounting bracket that is easily broken. The DC jack is where the computer’s charging wire is plugged in, so when it breaks it is impossible to charge the computer once this piece is broken. If this happens to your Dell laptop, bring it to MDrepairs, and our technicians will have it fixed and returned to you in no time!

Samsung Laptop Repair

Founded in 1938, Samsung has become one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Samsung makes widely popular computers, phones, and even appliances. Many experts in the tech field would claim that Samsung computers are the best computers on the market. While Samsung computers have amazing hardware and screens, they are not break proof. If your Samsung computer’s hard drive has failed or its screen has cracked, bring it into MDrepairs and we’ll repair it within seventy two hours.

Toshiba Laptop Repair

Toshiba is one of the oldest tech companies still on the map today. Compared to Cell and HP computers, Toshiba computers are rather flawed. Toshiba computers have extremely weak hinges and DC jack mounting brackets. Broken hinges can lead to a broken screen, and a broken DC jack will not allow you to charge your computer. MDrepairs can repair any and all Toshiba computer issues in seventy two hours or less.

Microsoft Surface Repair

Microsoft broke boundaries with its invention of the Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft Surface is truly background because it runs on the Windows 10 program, allowing it to complete tasks with the same efficiency as a normal laptop, and comes complete with a full touch screen and detachable keyboard. It is the best possible combination of a tablet, and a fully functional PC. The most common repairs for Microsoft Surfaces are screen repairs, and inflated batteries. If your Microsoft Surface needs to be repaired, MDrepairs will have it done fast and efficiently.

Apple Computer Repair

Looking for local apple computer repair near me? In addition to cell phones, Apple also produces the world’s most popular private computers. Their computers have an instantly classic design and their compatibility with other Apple products practically allows the computers to sell themselves. While they may be extremely popular, Apple computers are also filled with performance issues. MDrepairs will service your Apple computer for screen repairs, password resets, email application configuring, failing/full hard drives, and any other problem you may find.

Common Apple Computer Repairs

  • MacBook Repair

  • MacBook Pro Repair

  • MacBook Air Repair

  • iMac Repair

  • iMac Pro repair

  • iMac Mini Repair

MacBook Pro Repair

The MacBook Pro was ahead of its time with the introduction of the touch-pad. MacBooks may be incredible laptops, but they are not immune to hardware failures. MDrepairs can repair broken MacBook screens, keyboards, hard drive failures, and simple battery replacements. If your MacBook is damaged at all, bring it to MDrepairs, and we’ll revive your MacBook in no time.

MacBook Pro Repairs

  • MacBook Pro Screen Repair

  • MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement

  • MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery

  • MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair

  • MacBook Pro Trackpad Repair

MacBook Air Repair

Released in 2008, the MacBook Air  satisfied the consumer’s need for a light and sleek computer. The MacBook Air became the most appealing to traveling business men, college students, and anyone else who needed an on-the-go laptop. MDrepairs mainly sees broken MacBook Air screens, keyboard replacements, battery replacements, and data recovery. If you need any MacBook Air repairs, contact MDrepairs today.

Macbook Air Repairs

  • MacBook Air Screen Repair

  • MacBook Air Hard Drive Replacement

  • MacBook Air Battery Replacement

  • MacBook Air Data Recovery

  • MacBook Air Keyboard Repair

  • MacBook Air Trackpad Repair

iMac Repair

The iMac was Apple’s first desktop model, and it revolutionized the computer industry. The iMac was made with the average consumer in mind, so its operating system was built to give a smooth and efficient experience. MDrepairs repairs iMacs daily, so our technicians have become experts. The biggest issues with iMacs are data recovery, data transfers, and failing hard drives. Bring your iMac to MDrepairs, and we’ll have it repaired and ready to go in no time.

  • iMac Hard Drive Repair

  • iMac Data Transfer

  • iMac Data Recovery

    Tablet Repair

    Tablets have become the new craze thanks to the iPad, and are an efficient solution to carrying around a computer. Like cell phones, tablets have a large, all glass screen that makes it prone to breakage. If there is a crack or any other issue with your tablet, bring it to MDrepairs for a fast and professional repair.

    Common Tablet Repairs

    • iPad Repairs

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab Repairs

    iPad Repair

    Leading the tablet market today is Apple’s iPad. The iPad has a sleek design and has a powerful processor that can run any program at lightning speed. Similarly, with the iPhone, iPads have an all glass touch screen that makes it prone to breaks. At MDrepairs, one of our most common repairs is iPad screen repairs. Bring your iPad into MDrepairs, and one of our highly trained technicians will replace your screen with the highest quality screen available, or fix your screen with rare specialty tools.

    Common iPad Repairs

    • iPad Screen Repair

    • iPad Battery Replacement

    • iPad Camera Repair

    • iPad Button Repairs

    • iPad Charging Port Repair

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    At MDrepairs, weare proud of our Limited Lifetime Warranty policy. Certain repairs come with a lifetime warranty, which covers the parts we use and our workmanship. Our full warranty policy is listed on the warranty policy page. We try our best to repair devices to their original quality, but no matter what we cannot get around defective parts. We are always fully prepared to warranty any of our parts that can become defective over time.

    Highest Quality Parts

    MDrepairs goes the above and beyond by only using high quality parts for every repair. High quality parts ensure for a long lasting repair. Throughout our business endeavors, we have grown and preserved amazing relationships with several of the best suppliers in the industry. All of the parts we use meet the OEM specifications. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about any of our parts!

    Areas We Service