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Cell Phone Repair

In this day and age, a single day without your cell phone feels like a death sentence. Since its invention in 1973, the cell phone has revolutionized the way we live, making it virtually impossible to be without it. Your phone is your world, so when it breaks, MDrepairs will be here to help. Whether the issue is a dead battery, a cracked screen, or your cell phone can’t seem to charge, the specially trained technicians at MDrepairs can have your phone back and better than ever only an hour after you bring it in!

Cell Phone Repair Services:

  • Cell Phone Screen Repair

  • Cell Phone Battery Replacement

  • Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

  • Cell Phone Camera Repair

  • Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

  • Cell Phone Data Recovery

Cell Phone Screen Repair

When large glass displays became the new standard for cell phones, consumers were blown away by the convenience of a full touch screen, yet faced with the new major issue of a cracked screen. While it may only take seconds to completely shatter a phone screen, the repair often takes hours, or even days. Luckily, MDrepairs is here to help! We keep a large variety of cell phone screen in stock, and each screen repair is performed in store by our professional technicians. MDrepairs is always happy to give you a fast and easy price quote, so contact us today!

Cell Phone Charging Port Repair

We plug and unplug our phones countless times a day which often leaves the cell phone charging port stripped, and unusable. Luckily, MDrepairs specializes in charging port repairs, and with a wide variety of ports in stock, the repairs only take thirty minutes!

Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Because cell phones are constantly charged and recharged, the cells inside the battery of the phone become completely worn out after about two years. Unfortunately, the battery cannot be repaired, but it can be replaced in a matter of fifteen minutes. So if your phone is at least two years old, and you think the battery is fried, bring it in to MDrepairs for a quick and easy battery replacement.

Cell Phone Camera Repair

The new generation of cell phones has not only revolutionized daily communication, but has also become one of the best mediums for photography today. The cameras on smartphones now generate amazing picture quality, and are used to capture life’s everyday moments. If your cell phone camera breaks, bring it to MDrepairs and we’ll have it ready to go just thirty minutes after it’s been dropped off.

Cell Phone Ear Speaker Repair

The ear speaker of your cell phone is one of the most important parts of the phone, as it controls the sounds you hear while actually talking on the phone. Without it, voices sound muffled, or may not come through at all. If the ear speaker on your phone has become damaged or broken altogether, visit MDrepairs today, and we’ll have it fixed in thirty minutes or less.

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Most people’s phones hold all of their information, from pictures of precious moments to credit card information. Because our phones now serve as vaults of personal information, we carry them everywhere, which often leads to the phones becoming damaged. If your phone gets damaged and you don’t have the information on it backed up to a second device, bring it to MDrepairs. We simply extract your data from your broken phone, and store it on a USB drive for your convenience. Simply bring your device to our MDrepairs facility, and ask one of our technicians to walk you through our data recovery service.

Common Cell Phone Repairs:

  • iPhone Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Repair

  • LG Repair

  • Google Pixel Repair

iPhone Repair

The iPhone has become the most popular smartphone since its release in 2007. While its sleek design and innovative features have made it extremely successful, the all-glass screen has also made the iPhone prone to breaks. MDrepairs is your one-stop shop for all iPhone related repairs. We keep almost every iPhone part in stock, so if your iPhone breaks, bring it to MDrepairs for a professional repair that’ll be complete in just twenty minutes!

Common iPhone Repairs:

  • iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

  • iPhone Camera Repairs

  • iPhone Button Repairs

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Samsung is one of the most popular cell phone brands and has been for years. Today, Samsung’s most popular line of phones in the Galaxy S line. If your Samsung has a cracked screen or needs other repair, bring it to MDrepairs for a fast and professional repair. Typically Samsung phone parts need to be ordered but often arrive by the next day. Once we get the parts in, the repairs are completed by our highly trained technicians within ninety minutes.

Common Samsung Galaxy Repairs:

  • Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy Charging Port Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera Lens Repair

  • Samsung Galaxy Button Repairs

Why Should I Get A Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

We always recommend our customers purchase a tempered glass screen protector because if your phone falls face down, the screen protector will absorb most of the impact. A tempered glass screen protector is a thin, but thick piece of glass that sticks to your cell phone’s glass screen. The tempered glass is essentially the first line of defense when your phone drops.

Do You Sell Quality Charging Wires For Cell Phones?

Not all charging wires are the same, in fact, lower quality chargers have the ability to permanently damage your phone. High-quality chargers hold a chip inside of the wires that regulates a steady electric current into your cell phone, and lower quality chargers have no chip at all, allowing your phone to become damaged. At MDrepairs, we only sell high-quality charging wires to ensure the safety of your phone.