Mail-In Repair Instructions

I live far away and need you to fix something for me, how does this work?

Please fill out the form, and include your name, ticket number, and return address in the box when you mail your device. Send your device to the address provided below. You will automatically receive a ticket number via text / email after you finish filling out the form (if you do not receive a ticket number, please include your name and return address in the box with your device, we can look you up that way. We are having issues with our system sending out ticket numbers automatically to some customers currently ). We will call / text you with a diagnostic/estimate before proceeding with the repair, and you do not pay until the service is complete. We will send the invoice to your email to pay with a card or PayPal, once the invoice is paid we will mail your device back.

*Free return shipping if you proceed with the repair. If you do not approve the repair or the device is unfixable we will charge for return shipping. 

* When you fill out the form, a ticket will be automatically be opened in our system with your info. If you received a ticket number you are ready to mail in your device. Once we open your package we will send you a text/email that we are in the diagnostic process. Please make sure to put the correct return address on the mail-in form. 

* If we gave you an estimate beforehand, please include the price in the form.

* For hard drive data recovery, please package your hard drive securely when mailing it to us. We have a class 5 clean room, and a PC3000 data recovery system from Ace Labs. There are only a few companies in the state of New Jersey with these tools. For hard drives you can ignore the information below.  


The information below is applicable to mobile device’s.

* We must know your device’s passcode to recover data, and we cannot bypass your iCloud locked iPhone. 

* If you have an iPhone 7 Plus and below we can bypass your passcode, please contact us for pricing. If your iPhone is disabled we can only extract data if it has not been updated past IOS 12. If you have an old Android phone we can most likely bypass your code, but please ask us first before mailing it in

* If you have a Newer iPhone / Newer Android, and need to bypass the lock screen code, we can refer you to someone who does forensic data recovery but be prepared to spend $3500 – $7500 to bypass the lock screen to recover your data. 

* Liquid damaged devices are only worth recovering data from as other issues may arise from corrosion in the future.

 * When we recover data we extract all files from an iTunes / Android backup and put them into file format for you. Then we zip the folder and encrypt it with a passcode. The file will be uploaded to google drive, and you will be given a link to download your data. If you would like a USB stick instead please let us know. If you would like the raw backup as well, let us know. 


 MDrepairs, LLC

644 Newman Springs Road, Suite A, Lincroft NJ 07738

Phone: 732-933-7717

Before mailing something, please fill out the form

Please fill out the form before mailing anything to us. Also, please include a small note in the box with your name and your ticket number on it, this way everything goes smoothly and we know whose device it is when we receive it.

How long does the repair / recovery take?

Repairs and data recoveries currently take 4 – 6 weeks. 

How much will my repair cost?

All mail-in repairs are currently a free diagnostic / estimate for a limited time. All repairs are not treated equally, repair costs can vary, and sometime’s we cannot give you an estimate for a repair until the device is diagnosed. You can give us a call at 732-933-7717 during business hours, or leave a website form submission for a tech to get back to you with an estimate as soon as we can.

Data Recovery Prices: 

The prices below depend on the severity of the issue. For example: If a cell phone motherboard is not liquid damaged, the price will most likely fall in the low/mid range. If the motherboard is extremely liquid damaged and we need to swap the CPU/Flash storage to a working donor motherboard, the price will fall on the higher end. 

Cell Phone Data Recovery: $299 – $999 

Solid State Drive Data Recovery: $299 – $1200

Flash Drive Data Recovery: $199 – $799

SD Card Data Recovery: – $199 – $1350

MacBook/ Laptop Data Recovery (with soldered SSD) – $399 – $1200

Hard Drive Data Recovery: $299 – $1200 depending on the issue with the drive. We have a Class 5 clean room, and a PC3000 data recovery system from Ace Labs to recover hard drives in house.

We are experiencing a huge influx of mail-in repair requests. We are working on answering everybody, please be patient, we will answer as soon as we can. *If you are calling after hours, please use the form submission. Thank you so much for your support! ** Update ** We will be on vacation from May 26th - June 11th. We will be back open at normal hours Monday, June 12th.

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