Professional New Jersey Data Recovery

Professional New Jersey Data Recovery

We have specific data recovery tools to retrieve lost data from failing hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, cell phones, and SD Cards. Not many other repair shops have the expensive equipment we have to provide professional data recovery services. We have tools from companies such as DeepSpar, and Ace Labs which allows us to recover data from even the most failed devices. Contact us today to learn more! 732-933-7717.

Data Recovery Diagnostics

We offer free diagnostics and estimates for all devices (hard drives, flash drives, SSD, etc). 

Due to their nature, we charge a $100 diagnostic fee for all cell phone data recovery. The diagnostic fee is for our labor to take your phone apart, diagnose your cell phone’s motherboard, give you an idea of the chances of success, and provide an estimate. Most of the time we can pinpoint the exact issue with your phone through our initial diagnosis, and provide a technical breakdown. The diagnostic charge will be applied to the final estimate. 

We Can Recover:

  • Flash Drives
  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Laptops
  • iPods
  • Flip Phones
  • Cameras
  • Micro SD Cards

Data Recovery Prices: 

The prices below depend on the severity of the issue. For example: If a cell phone motherboard is not liquid damaged, the price will most likely fall in the low/mid-range. If the motherboard is extremely liquid-damaged and we need to swap the CPU/Flash storage to a working donor motherboard, the price will fall on the higher end. 
Rush Service ($250): 
If you opt into this on the mail-in form we will skip your ticket ahead of the line and work on your device right away. Your device will be worked on within 1 – 5 days. Please check the box on the mail-in form and add “rush” to your ticket title. Standard wait time is 2 – 3 weeks. If you choose our rush service, we will charge $250 upfront, and the diagnostic charge will be waived. 

Cell Phone Data Recovery:

Vintage iPhones: $399 – $499

iPhone 6 – SE (2020): $399 – $799

iPhone X – XS Max: $499 – $799

iPhone 11 – 13: $499 – $799

iPhone 14 Series – $799

iPhone 15 Series – $799

Samsung Galaxy S1 – S6 / Note 1 – 5:  $399 – $499

Samsung Galaxy S7 – S10 / Note 8 – Note 9: $499 – $799

Samsung S20/Note 20 and up: $799

If your cell phone’s motherboard is cracked/broken in half, or is liquid damaged beyond repair, we will need to transfer the CPU and storage to a new motherboard. This is highly skilled work and takes hours — we need to price this work accordingly.

iPhone CPU Swap: $999 – $1500

Samsung CPU Swap: $999 – $1500

Other phones: Please contact us

Solid State Drive Data Recovery: $299 – $1200

Flash Drive Data Recovery: $299 – $899

SD Card Data Recovery: – $299 – $899

Hard Drive Data Recovery: $299 – $1200 (the price will depend on the issue with the drive, and the model of the drive)

MacBook/ Laptop Data Recovery (with soldered SSD) – $399 – $1200

Cell Phone Data Recovery

We can recover data from the most damaged cell phone’s. Did you drop your phone in the lake, and dive down to retrieve the phone? Did your phone get ran over on the highway? Was your phone dropped in a toilet full of… These are just a few of the many stories we have heard from our customers, and data recoveries we have completed. We do not just replace the charging port and battery and tell you the phone is not recoverable. We inspect the phone down to the board level and figure out how to get your phone to boot to get a lovely iTunes, or android backup. As long as the few main components on the phone are working, such as the CPU and the Flash storage, we can recover your data 100% of the time. 

We can recover everything that resides within your phone which includes photos, videos, text messages (full conversations), contacts, voicemails, call logs, location data, application data, etc. 

Cell Phone Data Recovery

(CPU Swaps)

Sometimes a cell phone’s motherboard is just way too damaged to fix. This can happen from being in the ocean for hours or becoming physically cracked from impact. In this case, we can still get the phone to fully boot to recover your data, but it only works if the 2 main components of the phone are still intact (the CPU and the Flash storage chip). 

On newer phones, the CPU encrypts all of your data that is stored on the flash storage chip. So if either of these components are cracked/damaged there is no way to recover any data. 

But if they are working, we can swap the CPU/Flash storage chip to another working donor motherboard, and we can get the phone to boot to make a backup as seen in the video.

Cell Phone CPU Repair

All iPhones and all Androids past Android 7.0 need the CPU to be working to recover any data. We cannot just read the data from the storage as it is encrypted. 

The CPU must talk to the logic eeprom on the motherboard to obtain the keys to decrypt your data. In other words, we need to get your phone to power on to recover any data — It is the only way. 

Sometimes the CPU can become damaged from a hard drop, or another tech removing it without proper technique. This will cause the pads under the CPU to rip off the chip. These pads need to be fixed before installing it back onto a new motherboard. 

We specialize in CPU repair and can fix the tiny traces on the CPU itself. Jobs like this can take 10 – 20 hours depending on the severity and how many traces we need to fix. Check out the picture of this CPU, this Job took about 10 hours. 

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We provide in-house hard drive data recovery. We have a class 5 clean room and a PC-3000 from Ace Labs to recover even the most failed hard drives. The most common failure in a hard drive is when the hard drive heads fail. The heads in the hard drive read and write your data from the hard drive’s platters. When they fail they must be replaced in a dust-free environment, and the data must be extracted with a tool like the PC-3000. There are only a handful of companies in New Jersey that have this equipment. 

There are four main causes of hard drive failure:

  1. Bad sectors: Over time hard drives degrade and cause bad sectors. Bad sectors are sections of the hard drive that can no longer be read. This can cause the drive to freeze and become inaccessible. 
  2. Firmware Issues: Hard drives contain a service area that holds important firmware for the hard drive to function and read correctly. If this firmware becomes corrupted, you will lose access to your data. 
  3. Damaged PCB: When you plug your hard drive into your computer, the first thing it interacts with is the motherboard. If this motherboard is damaged in any way, obviously your drive will not work. 
  4. Crashed heads: This is the most severe hard drive failure. When heads crash you will hear a clicking sound. In this case, the HSA (Head Stack Assembly) will need to be replaced within your hard drive. The HSA reads the data from the platters. 


Hard Drives With Damaged Platters or Contamination

If your hard drive has been opened outside of a dust-free environment, it will need to be decontaminated. We can remove the platters from the drive and clean any contamination. 

Sometimes when the reading heads crash in your hard drive, they will scratch the platters. It is still possible to recover data from hard drives with damaged platters, but it will only be a partial recovery. We can inspect for platter damage, and treat the drive accordingly to recover as much data as possible. 

hard drive platter cleaning data recovery

Regular Data Recovery Software vs Ace Lab’s Data Recovery Tools

Software that you can buy online is not powerful enough to retrieve data from failing hard drives, and can damage your hard drive beyond recovery. This is because regular data recovery software that you run through windows will get “stuck” on bad sectors while recovering, and can take days to progress. Having regular software continuously try to read from bad sectors on your drive will eventually damage the platters. 

This is where our Ace Labs, and Deep Spar data recovery tools come into play. These external tools allow us to stabilize the hard drive, and skip any bad sectors to recover as much data as quickly and safely as possible. We can then go back and recover any sectors that we skipped once we have recovered the bulk of your data. Contact our Middletown New Jersey data recovery facility today to learn more!

pc3000 portable data recovery nj

SSD (Solid State Drive) Data Recovery

Solid-state drives work much differently than traditional hard drives. The data is fragmented across several NAND chips and is connected across a PCB. Components can fail on the PCB, NAND chips can become degraded, or firmware can become corrupted causing loss of user data access. 

We have the tools and expertise needed to give your SSD the best chance of recovery. 

In the picture, we are transferring 8 NAND chips to a new known working motherboard to recover data. 

solid state drive data recovery

Flash Drive & SD Card Data Recovery

We provide expert data recovery services for flash-based devices such as SD cards and flash drives. Utilizing advanced tools like the “PC3000 Flash” from Ace Labs, we can access data in ways that are typically inaccessible.

For SD cards, we bypass the controller by soldering wires directly to the SD card’s pinouts to extract the data. For flash drives, we desolder the NAND chips to retrieve the data directly.

However, recovering data from flash-based devices is not as straightforward as merely dumping the data and opening the files. These devices use a controller that manipulates the data within the storage, often scrambling it to enhance speed, durability, and performance.

When we initially dump the data from a flash drive or SD card, it appears as a scrambled mess. We then use sophisticated tools like the “PC3000 Flash” to decipher how the controller scrambled the data and reconstruct it accurately.

Chip Off Data Recovery On Old Android Devices

If your Android device has Android OS 6.0 and below we can provide chip-off data recovery. If we cannot get your original motherboard to power on due to a failed CPU, fractured motherboard, or extreme liquid damage, we can remove the flash storage chip (chip on the motherboard that contains all your data) and extract your data directly from the chip. On older Android devices your data is not encrypted, so this means we can bypass all passcodes as well. In the video, we show you the process of chip-off data recovery on an old LG cell phone. 

MacBook Data Recovery

Newer MacBooks do not have a removable solid-state drive. So if your MacBook’s motherboard fails, the only way to extract your data is to fix the original motherboard. Whether your MacBook suffered liquid damage or has a shorted component, we can recover your data. 

iPod Data Recovery

Is your iPod boot looping, stuck in the “connect to iTunes”, or disabled? We can recover the data from your iPod touch 1st Gen – 6th Gen without even booting to the lock screen. We can do a data extraction from recovery mode with an exploit, no passcode is needed.  

How do I proceed with my recovery? 

If you would like to mail-in your device for data recovery please visit the mail-in section of our website which can be found here. If you are local just stop on by with your device and we will get the process started in our store. 

We are experiencing a huge influx of mail-in repair requests. We are working on answering everybody, please be patient, we will answer as soon as we can. *If you are calling after hours, please use the form submission, please do not submit more than once. Thank you so much for your support!

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