Professional iPhone Back Glass Repair in Middletown

iPhone Back Glass Repair For All Modelsiphone back glass repair middletown

Have you recently dropped your phone and it cracked just to find out that Apple doesn’t perform this type of repair? MDrepairs provides professional iPhone back glass repair for many iPhone models. Specifically, we offer repairs for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Our in-house technicians use a laser machine to efficiently replace the back glass. We offer high-quality back glass repairs at a very affordable cost. Unlike our competitors, we will only replace what needs to be while keeping costs low.
Back glass repairs take between 1 and 1.5 hours to complete.

High-Quality Middletown iPhone Back Glass Repair

iPhones are not cheap and when you get yours repaired you want to make sure it is in good hands. Here at MDrepairs, we have been repairing iPhone back glass since the laser machine came out a few years ago. With years of experience, our technicians have the repair down to a science and we will return your phone looking brand new.
The glass and glue we use on your repair are original equipment manufactured (OEM). By using OEM grade glass and glue we can ensure that it will not fall off in the future, and will be durable.

Why is the laser machine better than other repair options?

 There are three ways to repair the back glass on an iPhone.

  1. Back Glass Heating: This option begins with heating the back glass of your iPhone with a heat gun to 450 degrees Celsius in order to rip it off. This is not only bad for your frame but it can also damage the internal components of the phone. The repair will most likely turn out poor and will need to be fixed again.

  2. Metal Frame Replacement: This is an expensive and long repair option. In order to complete the repair this way, it involves taking apart the entire phone and purchasing a new frame which will be very costly. 

  3. Laser Machine Repair: This machine breaks down the glue under the back glass and allows our technicians to safely remove the glass and replace it with a new one. The laser removes all glue residue so that the new back glass sits on the frame perfectly. Not only is this the most efficient way of repairing back glass, but it is also the most cost-effective.

Is the laser machine safe to use on an iPhone?

100%! The laser machine is not only the most cost-effective way to repair your phone it is also the safest. Our technicians are fully trained in using the machine and CAD software in which we make custom outlines that permit us to identify where the cutouts are on the frame.

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