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MDrepairs Middletown, NJ 07738

MDrepairs is located near Middletown, NJ 07701 was was founded in 2014 on the basis of providing the most reliable source for cell phone, tablet, and computer repair in the Middletown, NJ 07701 area. Over the years we believe that we have succeeded at this because we stuck to our roots. Our roots being that we will go any lengths to provide the best customer experience possible, while offering the best quality repairs on the market at the most affordable prices. 

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Cell Phone Repair Near Middletown, NJ

If you own an cell phone, having a reliable cell phone repair service that you can count on definitely provides peace of mind. When your cell phone needs anything from a screen replacement, to a battery replacement MDrepairs has the parts and expertise to get the job done right. We are one of the few repair shops that go the extra mile to use the highest quality cell phone repair parts on the market – guaranteed. Most cell phone repairs are done the same day you drop them off – usually within 30 minutes to an hour.

iPhone Repair Near Middletown, NJ

iPhone repair near Middletown, NJ is the most common repair that we offer. We stock every single iPhone part in our store so we can offer extremely fast service. iPhone repair generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour after you drop it off - walk-ins are welcomed. All of our iPhone repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

Computer Repair Near Middletown, NJ

Is your computer malfunctioning ? Computers are most consumers powerhouse for work, school, gaming, surfing the web, and of course Netflix. Computers are one of the main pieces of technology that keep us connected to the internets amazing medium of information and entertainment, and when you break your computer in one way or another it can be very frustrating, especially if you use it for work or school. With our professional warrantied computer repair service, we have you covered. Certified computer repair technicians on duty. Whatever it may be, a viruses, broken screen, broken keyboard, or failed hard drive, our technicians can handle it.

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Why use MDrepairs near Middletown, NJ?

  • Best Price Guaranteed

    • Mdrepairs Middletown, NJ 07701 strives to give the best prices to our customers. This is why we created our “best price guaranteed” policy. We will beat any competitor’s price by $5. Give us a call, or send us a message on our contact page for pricing.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    • Here at Mdrepairs Middletown, NJ 07701 we want our customers to feel secure. So along with our top quality parts and our superior customer service, we offer a lifetime warranty on most of our repairs. Our lifetime warranty does not cover physical damage, it only covers our parts and our workmanship just incase of defects. It is impossible to get around defects in this industry, and this is why we are prepared with our lifetime warranty. We run a less than 1% defect rate.  All of our repairs go through a rigorous check through process, but some defects may not show until after a few days of use. For more information on which repairs are covered under our lifetime warranty policy click here.

  • Highest Quality Parts

    • Mdrepairs Middletown, NJ 07701 goes the extra mile to provide its customers with the highest quality parts on the market. When you get your device fixed, I am sure you want it to last. Over the years we have built very good relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Our parts meet OEM specifications.

  • Same Day Repairs

    • We stock all iPhone and iPad parts in our store, so we can offer a same day turn around time. For example; iPhones screen repairs only take about 30 minutes, and battery replacements only take about 15 minutes after you drop it off. For devices that we do not stock the parts for we would need to order. The parts take about 2-3 days to come in, and the repair is done the same day the part comes in. All we need is a deposit of half the repair cost. 

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