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MDrepairs offers iPhone Repair Rumson NJ. Steve Jobs revolutionized the cell phone industry with the invention of the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone was the very first smartphone to ever contain an all-glass touch screen, and lack a physical keyboard. The touch screen’s multi-touch controls were just one of the factors that made the iPhone so groundbreaking. The iPhone contains an accelerometer, which senses whether or not the iPhone is in landscape mode. It also has a proximity sensor, which turns the screen off when the phone is to your face during calls and holds a light sensor which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness. There was no other cell phone even close to holding the same technology as the iPhone, which is why it sparked a revolution.

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iPhone Repair Rumson NJ:

  • iPhone Screen Repair

  • iPhone Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone Battery Replacement

  • iPhone Camera Repairs

  • iPhone Button Repairs

iPhone Repair Rumson NJ, iPhone Screen Repair:

Although the iPhone is a fantastic device, it is not without problems. Luckily, we offer iPhone Repair Rumson NJ specifically for iPhone screens. Because iPhone screens are completely made of glass, it is prone to cracks, and often shatters. iPhones are extremely fragile, so a simple drop on a carpeted floor can lead to a break. While the iPhone may work perfectly after its screen has cracked, the broken glass can lead to cuts on your ear from making phone calls, and finger cuts from any screen use. iPhone screens can also be broken if you see lines all the way down your screen. These lines indicate that the LCD (the part that controls the colors) is damaged. When the LCD breaks, the phone’s touch screen slowly becomes unusable. MDrepairs offers fast and easy iPhone screen replacement service, where we replace both the glass screen and the LCD.

On average, iPhone screen repairs take twenty minutes after they’ve been dropped off. At MDrepairs, we have every iPhone screen in stock, and our highly trained technicians complete all iPhone Repair Rumson NJ in our store. We offer two different quality types for iPhone screen repairs, which are OEM quality iPhone screens, and high-quality aftermarket screens. The biggest difference between the screens is that the colors shown on the aftermarket screens are not as vibrant, and the screen itself is slightly less durable. The OEM quality screens meet all of the same standards as the original Apple screen, so it has the same specifications.

iPhone Screen Repairs:

  • iPhone 5 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 screen repair

  • iPhone 6 plus screen repair

  • iPhone 6s screen repair

  • iPhone 6s plus screen repair

  • iPhone 7 screen repair

  • iPhone 7 plus screen Repair

  • iPhone 8 screen repair

  • iPhone 8 plus screen repair

  • iPhone X screen repair

  • iPhone XS screen repair

  • iPhone XS Max screen repair

  • iPhone XR screen repair

iPhone Repair Rumson NJ: Charging Port

The iPhone’s charging port is yet another easily broken component of the iPhone. The charging port is a small flexible cable, which runs from the bottom of the iPhone (where the lightning cable plugs in) to the motherboard. The charging port gets damaged from consistently plugging in and unplugging in the phone. If your charging port does break, bring it into MDrepairs and we’ll repair the port in only thirty minutes. We simply replace the broken flex cable with a brand new one and connect it to the motherboard so your iPhone is back in action.

iPhone Charging Port Repairs:

  • iPhone 5 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6 charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 6s charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 7 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 charging port repair

  • iPhone 8 plus charging port repair

  • iPhone X charging port repair

  • iPhone XS charging port repair

  • iPhone XS Max charging port repair

  • iPhone XR charging port repair

iPhone Repair Rumson NJ: Battery Replacement

MDrepairs also services iPhone Repair Middletown, NJ; in the form of battery replacements. All batteries, including iPhone batteries, have a lifespan. iPhone batteries usually need to be replaced after a year. The cells within batteries simply become overused, causing them to fail. The best way to test iPhone battery health is to just check it in the iPhone’s settings. We highly recommend that you replace your iPhone battery if it is below 70%. iPhone battery replacements take just fifteen minutes after being dropped off. MDrepairs has all iPhone batteries in stock, and are done by our professionally trained technicians in store.

iPhone Battery Repairs:

  • iPhone 5 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6 battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 6s battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 battery replacement

  • iPhone 8 plus battery replacement

  • iPhone X battery replacement

  • iPhone XS battery replacement

  • iPhone XS Max battery replacement

  • iPhone XR battery replacement

iPhone Repair Rumson NJ: Camera / Proximity Sensor

iPhones house both a front facing camera and a rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera, ambient sensor, and proximity sensor are all apart of one piece, that is located within the phone screen and connected to the motherboard. The ambient light sensor controls the iPhone’s auto brightness, and the proximity sensor senses how far away the phone is from your face during calls. If the front-facing camera becomes damaged, the camera, ambient sensor, and proximity sensor will all fail. Although this may sound like a serious issue, it can be fixed by simply replacing the front camera flex cable. The iPhone’s front-facing camera can be repaired in only twenty minutes. MDrepairs keeps all models of the iPhone’s front-facing camera in stock.

The iPhone’s rear-facing camera takes beautiful pictures, but it is easily broken. The tiny rear-facing camera is easily damaged because there are moving parts within it, and when it falls the small parts in the camera become dislodged, making it dysfunctional. MDrepairs has all of iPhone’s rear-facing cameras in stock, and the repair itself is done in store in only twenty minutes.

iPhone Camera Repairs:

  • iPhone 5 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6 camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 6s camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 7 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 camera repair

  • iPhone 8 plus camera repair

  • iPhone X camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XS camera repair

  • iPhone XR camera repair

iPhone Repair Rumson NJ: Ear Speaker / Loudspeaker

The iPhone holds two different types of speakers. The most important speaker is the speaker at the top of your phone, which is the ear speaker. The ear speaker is connected to the front facing camera through small metal pieces. If the flex cable in the front facing camera breaks, the ear speaker stops working. If your ear speaker has a muffled sound, you most likely need a new ear speaker. iPhone ear speakers can be repaired in about twenty minutes and is performed by one of our highly trained technicians. The other type of iPhone speaker is the loudspeakers. Like the ear speaker, the loudspeakers are also prone to damage because of the small components inside of the speaker. If your loudspeaker has distorted sound, we’ll replace it in thirty minutes or less.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Like all other electronics, iPhones are vulnerable to water damage. If water gets into the iPhone, the chips and capacitors will short out, causing the phone to fail. Water damage in iPhones often happens when the phone is dropped in water, and then allowed to dry out on its own. Even if the wet phone is put in rice, allowing the water to dry will cause corrosion on the motherboard. This is because the minerals in the water cause the motherboard to lose connections. If you drop your phone in water, the best thing to do is immediately turn it off, and bring it to a certified technician. If the iPhone’s motherboard is not manually cleaned, it will most likely fail from corrosion. MDrepairs offers iPhone Repair Rumson NJ: we offer cleanouts for iPhones with water damage at an affordable rate. Contact MDrepairs to revive your water damaged iPhone today!

iPhone Buttons Repair

On iPhone models 8 and below, there is a power button, the volume buttons, and the home button. These buttons allow the iPhone user to use their seamlessly, so it is extremely inconvenient when one of the buttons breaks. The power button can easily be damaged when it is hit against a hard surface. This crushes the small contact, which is the part that makes the button click) and cause it to get stick within the iPhone’s frame. This can also happen to the volume buttons. The Home button is connected to the iPhone’s screen, so if the phone’s screen is broken, the home button may also be faulty. If any of the buttons on your iPhone are broken, bring it to MDrepairs for a complimentary diagnostic. We will have your iPhone up and running in the blink of an eye.

iPhone Data Recovery

iPhones have become the number one consumer device for communication, photography, and overall data storage. If your iPhone breaks and you haven’t backed up any of your data/information to the iCloud, it can be devastating. Luckily, MDrepairs provides an iPhone data recovery service, which has an extremely high success rate. Our technicians have the ability to recover your text messages, notes, photos, and videos and safely transfer them onto a flash drive. If you need your data recovered, contact MDrepairs today for a free quote!

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